Pastors & Leaders 

Jason Best

Lead Pastor

Jason Best is the lead pastor at Community Worship Center and has been serving as pastor since 2007.   He has three sons and lives in Rutledge, MN.
It is his passion to see the Body of Christ understand who they are in Christ to live the abundant life that is available to each one. 

Gene Best


Pastor Gene was born and raised in Sandstone, Minnesota.  Even at a young age the seeds of musical greatness began to influence the direction of his life.  By 2008 he was honored to be inducted into the Mid America Music Hall of Fame.  But even more powerful than his passion for music was a new found relationship with Jesus Christ.  This literally turned his life around and by 1968 Gene enrolled in Mid America  Nazarene University, graduating in 1972 with a major in Religious Studies.
 Following graduation, Gene returned to Sandstone where he and his long time friend and mentor in the Lord, Sam Burch, laid the foundations to what was to Become ‘Community Worship Center.’
          Today, Gene rejoices in the fact that he is seeing an unfolding of the glorious plans God originally promised.  Gene is one of the many faithful who have put their hands to the plow and never looked back.

Ken Adams


Ken Adams and his wife Jane live just outside of Willow River, MN.  They have been a part of the CWC family since 2019.  They have three grown children and two grandchildren.  In addition to a passion for the church, Ken and Jane both love the outdoors.  They have a heart for people and love to spend time with friends.  
Ken has been serving in the capacity of pastor at CWC since 2020.  His main areas of ministry focus on discipleship and unity within the body.

Marta Buzo

Worship Pastor

Marta Buzo has been part of the CWC family since 2015.  She is married to Ramon Jr.  They have six children and two grandchildren.  She has been involved in various parts of ministry throughout her adult life having had the privilege of serving under great leaders who have helped to mold and shape who she is today.  She began leading worship in 2015 and stepped into the role of worship pastor at CWC in late 2021.  Her passion is Jesus and pointing people to Him!  Her desire is to see them find Jesus and to walk in the freedom they were meant to walk in.